En of Love

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Hoàn Tất (14/14)

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14 Tập

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Vietsub HD

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TOSSARA - Gun is a very bright and tall medical faculty freshman who has been in love with the popular third-year Engineering major and head hazer, Bar, ever since he was in high school. The world is small, and a university is smaller. Being popular students at the same University leads Gun and Bar to collide with each other again and again.\n\nLOVE MECHANICS - A love story that starts one night in a club between an engineering major, Mark, who is absolutely drunk and carrying the painful burden of his one-sided love, and Wee who he bumps into and mistakes as the object of his affection, This is an imperfect love story between two imperfect human beings.\n\nTHIS IS LOVE - A love story about how the engineering faculty's resident playboy, Neur, secretly falls in love with Pra-Ram, a senior in high school and younger brother of Gun and how he wins the boy, and his brother over.

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